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Health & Wellbeing

Teenage and Adolescent Health Care

Your teenager’s health is important to us. Decisions she makes now can affect her health for the rest of her life. Her body is going through many changes as she reaches adult maturity. She receives a great deal of information from television, the internet, and peers, much of which may not be medically accurate. We would love to assist you with education regarding the menstrual cycle, help with menstrual concerns, and encourage healthy lifestyle habits. We recommend beginning pap smears and regular pelvic exams at age 21. If a young person is having menstrual problems or is sexually active, a pelvic exam may be recommended before age 21. It is ideal for us to meet your teen to address preventative health measures prior to needing an internal exam. A trusting relationship can greatly decrease anxiety once first pelvic exam is recommended. We are experienced in encouraging proper nutrition, regular exercise, vaccines, healthy sexual development, and prevention of infections.