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Health & Wellbeing

Well Women Health Care

We recommend a yearly well woman exam. We feel this is a vital part of your care. At this exam we focus on health promotion and prevention of disease. An annual exam helps us to find and prevent serious conditions like breast and gynecologic cancers.  This also provides you the opportunity to be proactive regarding your reproductive health.


At a well woman exam, we review your medical history, ensure vaccinations are up to date, and perform a physical exam. We also discuss diet, exercise and your menstrual cycle. We look at contraceptive options and give recommendations to help prevent health conditions or disease.


We recommend starting regular pelvic exams and pap smears at age 21. If we are treating menstrual problems or if a young woman is sexually active, we recommend yearly well woman exams before age 21. For women after menopause, we recommend continuing yearly exams.